Cyberex SuperSwitch 3 Digital Static Transfer Switch technical specifications

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General Data


Fully-rated, hockey-puck type

Mimic panel
LED current flow
LCD Graphical, backlit (Standard); Color display (Optional)
Fans Dual Redundant
Power Supplies Triple redundant
Internal Bus Dual Redundant
Surge Protection 25 to 100 KAIC (Voltage Dependent)
Controls Full digital 
Type I 3000-4000 A  Fused Protected
Type II 200-2000 A Fuseless current path 
Bypass  System Assisted 
Transfer  Automatic or manual 
Sensing Time 2 ms 
Auto transfer  4 ms (or less)
Reacquisition  3 Cycles
Transfer angle  User defined max 180 degrees
Temperature 0-40º C (operating); 0-80º C (Storage)
Audible noise <65 dBA (6 ft.)

Electrical Characteristics




50Hz; 60Hz

Current rating 200A/400A/600A/800A/1000A/
Poles 3 or 4 poles
Short-circuit withstand 25 – 100Ka (Voltage Dependent)
Overload capability 125% (30 Min.); 150% (1 Min.); 1000% (3 cycles)
Circuit breakers Non-automatic or automatic
Cable entry Bottom/Top 
Front/Right; Front/Left; or Front/Rear
Communication and software  
Password protected Defined user tiers
Remote access RS232; RS485; and web-based
Event types Information, warnings, and alarms
Alarm notification Email (or email to pager)
Software upgrades Remote downloadable
Emergency power off Remote (Standard); Local (Optional)
Relay Contacts 4 standard
User interface Module level LCD + mimic diagram

Power and event management

Metering 1

kVA, kW, Ipeak, phase, current, voltage, frequency
Metering 2 Power factor, kVA demand, harmonic analyzer
Event alarm log 2500 events


NEMA Standards
UL ETL Listed to UL1008S to 1200A 3 Pole units; CSA C22.2 No 178
FCC Compliant (Part 15)

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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