Cyberex SuperSwitch 4 key applications:

The SuperSwitch4 is the cornerstone of redundant power for a wide range of applications including data centers, hospitals, semiconductor manufacturing and other installations where continuous power is critical to a facility's mission. SuperSwitch4 ensures there is truly no single point of failure through the use of our patented transfer algorithm and robust electrical components. Engineered to protect large amounts of critical load in both commercial and industrial environments,  these switches can transfer power between any two or three sources of power, including any combination of utility, UPS and generators.

Data Center: Mission critical facilities used to house computer, network, data storage, telecommunications, and other vital systems that require constant power with no interruptions.

Hospitals: Health care institutions that require constant power with no interruptions to data and records management.

Manufacturing/Business Operations: When manufacturing and business operations failure is not acceptable due to vital functions are critical in nature require constant power with no interruptions.

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