Cyberex®SuperSwitch®4  Digital Static Switch Highlights

  • Expands SuperSwitch technology with enhanced platform
    and features
  • 10.4" color TFT industrial use VGA LED touch screen GUI
    with backlight life of up to 70,000 hours
  • 25% faster transfer times
  • 40% lower inrush limiting
  • Enhanced power quality detection
  • Field calibration support
  • USB port for data uploads and event downloads
  • 16 user configurable alarm relays
  • 10 user inputs for communications control
  • Enhanced meters and trending
  • 10 cycle waveshape captures of critical power events
  • Improved circuit redundancy


Expert power management

The SuperSwitch4 harnesses the power of touch with an innovative user interface that utilizes a 10.4" color TFT industrial use VGA LED touch screen GUI for self-guided, serviceability with minimal engagement, and the latest communication protocols. The monitor module delivers best-in-class, high-resolution display of color images with backlight life up to 70,000 hours. With ever-increasing power requirements and the necessity to ensure uptime, SuperSwitch4 provides exceptional power management features such as:

Waveform capture

SuperSwitch4 is available with waveform capture. The waveform capture feature uses digital signal processors and high speed analog to digital converters to simultaneously sample sources and output voltages and currents. The waveform data is collected every 0.1 millisecond intervals as 12 bit samples to provide an extremely high level of accuracy. 

The SuperSwitch4 is capable of storing 30 waveform capture events for both transfer and non-transfer events. Each measurement contains a total of 10 cycles; 5 cycles prior to the event and 5 cycles after the event. The waveform can be sent via email and imported into an Excel spreadsheet for additional viewing and analysis.:

Software guided breaker operation and bypass

Easy to follow commands and indicator lights eliminate the causes of human error.

Data alarm and management

With over 100 warnings/alarms types, 2500 events can be stored or downloaded to a USB device for analysis

Remote access

Compatibility with building management systems provides access from any location at any time.


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