Cyberex Zero Footprint (ZF) Series technical specifications

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General Data

Dual input K rated computer grade isolation transformers

100% Continuous Duty Rating

Digital signal processor based, fully digital switching controls
Six (6) Plug-in circuit breakers
Dual Maintenance Bypass design
Redundant output distribution breakers
Key interlocking for safety and accuracy
Comprehensive System Interface Panel
Operator Guided Bypass Controls
System Mimic Display
LCD Display 
2500 Real-Time Event & Alarm Log 
Transfer Counter 
Metering Display of kVA, kW, Ipeak, Phase, Voltage & Frequency
Multiple Layers of Password Protected Controls 
Modbus Communications Interface
Waveform Capture
Up to tow (2) I-Line Output Distribution Panelboards
Up to (4) 42 Circuit Output Panelboards
Output Distribution Breaker Monitoring

Transformer Electrical Specifications



Input 3 Phase, 3 wire + ground

Input voltage

480V @60 Hz (other input voltages available)

Output  3 Phase, 4 wire + ground
Output voltage 208/120V 480/277V@60Hz
Transformer ratings K20 (Std.) K4, K9, K13 (Opt.) 
Copper, Dual Electrostatic Shield 
Transformer temperature rise
150C (Std) 80C, 115C (Opt) 
Transformer compensation taps  2 ½% (4X FCBN, 2XFCAN) 
Full Capacity Below/Above Nominal: Transformer has taps for below/above rated voltage to maintain delivery of rated kVA.
Transformer insulation  220C 
Neutral rating 200%
General Equipment Specifications
SCR  Fully-rated, hockey-puck type
Cooling PDU: Convection, STS: Dual Redundant Fans
LCD Graphical, backlit (Std.); Color display (Opt.)
STS TVSS  40ka 
Power supplies  Triple Redundant 
Internal bus Dual Redundant 

Communications and software

Password Protected

Defined user tiers
Protocol Modbus RTU (RS-485); Modbus TCP 
Event Types Information, warnings and alarms 
Web server Access with any browser via internet
STS Alarm notification Email (or email to pager)
STS software upgrades Remote downloadable
Emergency power off
Remote (Std.); Local (Opt.) 
STS Relay Contacts  5 (Std.) 
STS User interface  Module level LCD + mimic diagram 

Power and event management

kVA, kW, Ipeak, phase, current, voltage, frequency,  Power factor, kVA demand, harmonic analyzer, Sag, Surge
Event Alarm Log 2500 events 
Operating parameters and conditions
Input voltage 480V (Other input voltages available)
Output voltage 208/120V
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Automatic Sense & Transfer Time Less than 4 ms
Temperature (Operating) 0 o 40C
Temperature (Storage) 0 to 60C
 Audible Noise <60 dBA 
 Operating Efficiency 98% 


NEMA Standards
UL ETL to UL891
FCC Compliant (part 15)

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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