ABB’s PCS100 Reactive Power Conditioner is the ideal solution for improving power quality in commercial and industrial electrical installations across a wide range of industries.

Save money on utility reactive power charges

Power factor, voltage imbalance, inrush generated sags and harmonics are common power quality problems. These issues can also result in financial penalties and costly electrical equipment malfunctions if left uncorrected. To reduce penalty charges on your electricity bill, power quality problems need resolving. The PCS100 RPC is a reactive power conditioner designed to solve these problems by controlling reactive power flow into the AC network.

Improved factory supply with less voltage variation

By injecting reactive current to stabilize the voltage, the RPC can provide a very cost effective solution and correct common problems. It is a high performance modular power electronic system that responds instantly to power quality events while providing continuous reactive power correction. The RPC ranges from 100 kVA to 2000 kVA and can help to mitigate some common supply voltage problems caused by fast changing loads. Such loads can be welders or arc furnaces, or fast changing imbedded generation such as PV solar.

Low cost of ownership

The PCS100 RPC’s small footprint and modular design offer scalability, high reliability and short repair times. The reduced transformer heating and system losses incurred when using the PCS100 RPC mean that it is the ideal power quality solution for all commercial and industrial applications.

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