PCS100 RPC Highlights

  • Enhanced energy efficiency by reducing system losses
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Easy and convenient operation with touch screen interface
  • Modular design providing high reliability and short repair times
  • Integrated solution for Power factor correction, harmonics and inrush generated sags
  • Small footprint
  • Ratings from 100 kVA to 2000 kVA and voltages 380 Vac to 480 Vac

What makes ABB'S PCS100 RPC stand out?

Displacement Power Factor Correction 
With the PCS100 RPC installed reactive and harmonic currents are supplied via the ultra fast power electronic inverter. Voltage and current feedback from the point of connection allows the Power Factor to be controlled according to the set-point. Without the PCS100 RPC, the reactive and harmonic currents create additional load on transformers and switchboards, increasing losses and reducing lifetime.
Distortion Power Factor Correction
The PCS100 RPC is able to provide harmonic filtering of two defined frequencies up to a maximum harmonic of 7th. Combining harmonic filtering and displacement power factor correction with VAr injection gives a complete power factor solution, considering both displacement and distortion power factor. This lowers energy consumption, increases efficiency so that higher loadings are possible and lower operating temperatures and increasing lifetime are achieved.
Imbalance Correction
Voltage imbalance together with rectifier loads is particularly harmful, as it causes overloading of phases inside the rectifier itself and in extreme cases premature failure. The PCS100 RPC is capable of correcting imbalance in a three phase network by injecting negative sequence currents. This feature can be used to balance loads across all phases.
 Voltage Clamping  The PCS100 RPC has a unique feature whereby voltage thresholds can be set. When exceeded, reactive current is injected or absorbed to boost or reduce the voltage.  This is particularly useful in dynamic applications where motor starts or other inrush events are frequently experienced.  
 Voltage Control  This configuration can be used where load related voltage problems are experienced (i.e. dynamic loads or high impedance utility power supplies).  Under this application the voltage is controlled by injecting or absorbing reactive power.

PCS100 RPC compared to other solutions

  PCS100 RPC Active Harmonic Filter Passive Filter 
 Small Footprint  ++  +  ++
 Efficiency  ++  +  +++
 Harmonics  5th + 7th  3rd..50th  -
 Imbalance  ++  +++  -
 Voltage Clamping  ++  -  -
 Overload  200%  -  -
 Speed  fast  fast


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