Cyberex® Power Distribution Unit technical specifications

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General data


Natural convection
Hinged Dead-front panel
LCD 6.5" color touch-screen
Ground Single point
Cable entry Top or bottom


PDU 50 to 225 kVA and most 300 kVA

Height 77.4” 
Depth 34” 
Width 34”

PDU 300 kVA dependent on transformer option

Height 77.4” 
Depth 34” 
Width 46”

PDU 350 - 750 kVA and select 800 kVA
Height 78” 
Depth 38” 
Width 52”
PDU-MS 850 kVA - 1.3MW
Height 90” 
Depth 36” 
Width  consult factory
Sidecars available in 3 widths
Height 77.4” 
Depth 34”
10” Side-facing
24” front and/or rear facing
34” front and/or rear facing
Operating conditions  
Temperature (Operating) 0 to 40°C
Temperature (Storage) -40 to 60°C
Audible noise NEMA standard

Electrical characteristics


Input 3 Phase, 3 wire + Ground
Input voltage 480VAC – 60 Hz (Other configurations available as non-standard)
Engineering to Order (ETO) transformer configurations options possible (Primary  600V and below: Secondary 600V and below) contact factory
Output 3 Phase, 4 wire + Ground
Output voltage 208/120VAC
Other configurations available as non-standard
Transformer ratings
K-13 (standard), K-4, K-9 or K-20 (optional)
DOE 2016, copper, delta-wye, electrostatic shielding
Transformer temperature rise
150°C (std) – 115°C or 80°C (optional)
Transformer inrush 11x or 5x 
Transformer compensation taps (4) 2 ½% FCBN, (2) 2 1/2% FCAN
Full Capacity Below/Above Nominal: Transformer has taps for below/above rated voltage to maintain delivery of rated kVA
Transformer insulation 220C (class R)
Neutral rating 200%

Distribution options

Needed for more than 2 panelboards
PDU 50-300 kVA
Up to 3 sidecars
6 panelboards or 24 sub-feeds (100 – 225A) or 6 sub-feeds (400A)
PDU 350-800kVA Up to 3 sidecars
6 panelboards or 24 sub-feeds (100 – 225A) or 6 sub-feeds (400A)
PDU-MS 850kVA - 1.3MW Up to 2 sidecars accommodating sub-feeds from 100A up to 1200A

Monitoring options

Cyberex PowerView Core Monitoring System
   - Branch Circuit Management (BCM) for panelboards
   - Sub-feed Circuit Management (SFCM) for sub-feeds
 Cyberex PowerView Pro Monitoring System
   - Functions included in Core Monitoring System
   - Revenue grade metering accuracy (ANSI C12.1)
   - Monitoring of breaker positions
   - Integrated thermal monitoring
   - Waveform capture
   - Custom grouping
   - Global time synch via NTP
Additional options
Remote emergency power off (REPO)
Surge protective device (SPD) – primary and secondary sides
Seismic rated floor stands
Input junction box
Isolated ground



ETL listed to UL 60950-1 and UL 891 ; cETLus to UL1CSA 60950-1
EMC  FCC compliant (Part 15)
Enclosure NEMA 1
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. 
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