Cyberex®SuperSwitch®4  Digital Static Switch Highlights

  • Expands SuperSwitch® technology with enhanced platform
    and features
  • Industrial use, color touch screen HMI
  • 25% faster transfer times
  • 40% lower inrush limiting
  • Enhanced power quality detection
  • Field calibration support
  • USB port for data uploads and event downloads
  • 16 user configurable alarm relays
  • 10 user inputs for communications control
  • Enhanced meters and trending
  • 10 cycle waveshape captures of critical power events
  • Improved circuit redundancy
  • Data alarm and management
  • Remote access
Building upon decades of STS experience, ABB expands the Cyberex® SuperSwitch® digital static transfer switch product line with 480V designs up to 4000A. Utilizing the same improved printed circuit boards (PCBs) with state of the art digital signal processors (DSPs), these larger STS models provide a perfect balance of safety and serviceability while optimizing footprint in the valuable white space.

The front access SuperSwitch® models provide physically isolated sections with dedicated doors for input/output connections, breaker operation, and logic/heatsink assemblies; all of which are fully accessible via the front of the unit. The user interface board (UIB) is conveniently located to allow for easy access without being exposed to hazardous voltages.


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