200-4000A digital static transfer switch

Forty years ago, Cyberex revolutionized power distribution with its invention of the digital static transfer switch (STS). Since then, building on the innovation of ABB engineering and the technological advancements and commissioning of the most extensive installed base of STSs worldwide, the SuperSwitch®4 has evolved. Designed with a ‘true’ fault-tolerant architecture, SuperSwitch®4 ensures there is truly no single point of failure through the use of our patented transfer algorithms and robust electrical components. With an increased MTBDE to an estimated 1.5 million hours, SuperSwitch®4 reliability is unmatched. SuperSwitch®4 redefines power reliability with its exceptional design, serviceability and user-interface.

Reliability through design excellence

The Cyberex brand has been an industry leader in the design and development of mission critical systems that ensure uptime and business continuity for customers across the globe. We recognize that every customer has unique electrical requirements and we work closely with them to develop  solutions that solve their most difficult challenges.

Front access only models offer maximum isolation between the various functional sections within the unit. Ease of installation is achieved in the dedicated I/O section of the switch using staggered bus connections that are fully accessible from the front of the unit. With a centrally located and fully isolated section for customer connections along with standard IR ports for thermal scanning of bolted connections, the front access SuperSwitch®4 perfectly balances safety, ease of use, and accessibility.

For 600A - 1200A, the SuperSwitch®4 is available in the traditional SuperSwitch® ultra-dense design that maximizes usage of physical floor space. Front access is required for operation and removal of serviceable components, while one side or rear access is required for installation and fastening of customer connections.

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