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When your UPS is responsible for keeping a critical application running, it is essential that you have access to real-time UPS status data. Equally, UPS equipment is sometimes installed in remote or secure rooms, making access for personnel either inconvenient or undesirable. These two issues, and others, are resolved by our smart monitoring solutions.

ABB AbilityTM SmartTracker – Comprehensive 24/7 Cloud-based remote capabilities

With ABB Ability™ SmartTracker, ABB can give you complete peace of mind that your uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), power conditioning systems (PCSs), or power distribution units (PDUs) are delivering the top performance for which it was designed. ABB Ability™ SmartTracker is a powerful Cloud-based platform and oversees site performance, analyzes collected data, predicts equipment condition trajectories and recommends corrective actions to forestall problems. As well as implementing an effective maintenance strategy, ABB Ability™ SmartTracker also ensures equipment runs as efficiently as possible, saving energy and reducing greenhouse emissions.

UPSWatch - Supervising UPS networks

Manage and supervise your UPS networks and ensure the availability and performance levels of your UPS infrastructure with ABB’s Local UPS Monitoring solution.

The ABB UPS Monitoring Software helps to ensure the availability and performance levels of the UPS infrastructure. The software helps to manage and supervise UPS networks through the SNMP communication. In addition, network configuration management, layer 2 and 3 discovery, come together in one package that is quick to deploy and tailored to your environment..


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