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A secure supply of energy is the foundation for the success and continuity of many enterprises - be they industrial plants, offices, healthcare facilities, utilities, or data centers. When you want power protection for your critical applications, ABB's energy storage solutions provide peace of mind and the performance you need.

A large number of different battery systems are available nowadays that are designed to provide various levels of functionalities and to work within diversified environments and operating conditions. 

ABB's energy storage expert team is fully committed to providing top-quality consulting services to ensure that the customer enjoys the very best performance from their energy storage products.

ABB's UPS applications make use of a wide variety of energy storage solutions; lead-acid (LA) batteries are currently the most common technology. In specific instances with special requirements, nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion batteries are sometimes used. Lithium-ion is a rapidly growing battery technology, used where high energy and power density, and long battery life are the primary requirements.

Most of the time, the capital-intensive energy storage systems lie unused or store more energy than is needed. This unused power can be exploited to support the grid and generate a revenue stream for the UPS owner. Providing such ancillary services allow UPS owners to support the transition to renewable energy sources, create new revenue streams and reduce operating costs and energy bills.

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