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PCS100 MV UPS – All included!

The PCS100 MV consists of the following subassemblies: 

  • A Utility Disconnect that disconnects the utility supply during a disturbance
  • Inverters that convert energy storage DC energy to 3-phase AC power
  • Float Charger to charge the energy storage when the utility is operating normally
  • A Coupling Transformer to match the inverter output with the nominal utility voltage.
  • Optional Energy Storage (ultracapacitor or battery) that supplies power to the load during a utility disturbance

How the PCS100 MV UPS provides efficiency

The PCS100 MV UPS allows a system design where the power converter and energy storage can remain at low voltage, with a transformer coupling these to medium voltage. Also at the medium voltage level is a thyristor-based utility disconnect switch which prevents backfeed into the grid in the event of a power loss or voltage sag. Because the energy storage is kept at low voltage levels, a wide range of energy storage options is available.

Graphic Display Module (GDM)

The primary user interface for configuration of the PCS100 MV UPS is via the Graphic Display Module (GDM) which is mounted in the door of the inverter enclosure. It allows local control of the PCS100 MV UPS and shows the system status and provides the access to the operating parameters and event history. 

The GDM interface consists of several pages; each page has a navigation & control panel and the status bar at the top. The Navigation & Control Panel and the Status Bar are displayed at all times.

Feature   GDM
Display resolution 800 x 600 pixels
Display size 8:4
Color Graphic Display  yes
Touch sensitive Display yes
Full descriptions of status and faults yes
Local Start/Stop Reset Control yes
Status Display yes
Parameter adjustment yes
Number of event Log records stored 1000
Event log can be downloaded to a PC yes
Remote Web Pages yes
Modbus TCP connection yes 

Remote Monitoring 

The GDM provides remote access for monitoring purposes. Following monitoring connections are available:   

Communication Type Description   Connection  
 Remote Web Pages
 HTML server - Ethernet connection
 Standard RJ45
 Monitoring system
 Modbus TCP
 Standard RJ45


Remote Web Pages 

Remote Web Pages are a set of web pages that are similar in format to the standard GDM and accessed through the integrated web server via the GDM Ethernet connection. Through this interface the users can remotely access the status and operating parameters. Viewing and downloading of event history and service logs is also available.

Access is via the Ethernet port of the GDM and web pages can be viewed any standard web browser on a device connected to the same network.  

Modbus TCP

Modbus TCP connection is also provided via the Ethernet port of the GDM user interface. Read Only access is available to operating parameters such as voltages, currents and power levels.


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