PCS100 MV UPS Highlights

  • Industry leading efficiency
  • Designed for industrial loads and large data centers
  • Modular design with integrated redundancy
  • Very high fault current capacity
  • Generator walk-in algorithm for a controlled transfer of the load to backup generators
  • Ratings up to 6 MVA – 6.6 kV

What makes ABB'S PCS100 MV UPS stand out?

Complete power protection
When installed at medium voltage levels, the PCS100 MV UPS can be put in less crowded spaces away from the target devices.
Lowest cost of ownership
The unparalleled efficiency of the PCS100 MV UPS, its minimized maintenance costs and small system footprint minimize ownership costs. The fact that the energy storage and converter is at the low voltage level also greatly simplifies maintenance and reduces system cost.
Retrofit possibilities The PCS100 MV UPS has many retrofit possibilities that allow custom designs that suit applications in plants that are currently unprotected or where traditional rotary UPS solutions require replacement.
 Energy storage options  The PCS100 MV UPS is compatible with a wide range of energy storage depending on the duration of protection required. Ultracapacitors and flywheels provide high density coverage for seconds while batteries can be used for longer backup times up to 15 minutes

Reduce your operating costs and increase your efficiency


2 MVA system
100% loading
24/7 operation for 365 days
0.1 USD/kWh energy price

Efficiency comparison 2000 kVA unit

PCS 100 MV UPS 99.5% 
 Generic UPS 95%
 PCS 100 MV UPS ooperating costs One tenth of traditional UPS solutions 

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