Leakage localization in water pipelines

Localize leaks and bursts in water transmission pipes

Searching for a leak or burst along water pipelines in water transmission system can prove to be a tedious task especially if the pipes are hundreds of kilometers long. Leakage localization solutions support the operator and maintenance team to identify the leak location using adapted algorithms and hydraulic models. This significantly reduces shut-down times and consequential damages.

Why ABB?
As an additional module to ABB’s field-proven Water Leakage Management solution for water transmission systems, ABB offers an integrated solution within its control system Symphony Plus supporting the process of localizing leaks. Based on methods such as pressure gradients or pressure waves analysis, leaks or bursts are localized as soon as they occur allowing for instant mitigation strategies.

  • Support instant burst localization based on real-time data
  • Reduce consequential damages of bursts due to application of instant mitigation strategies
  • Integrated solution in control system and hydraulic modeling environment

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