Leakage monitoring in water networks

Detect leaks and monitor water distribution network infrastructure

Real-time detection and localization of water leakages, pipe bursts, zone breaches, faulty meters, equipment faults, and other faults are the basis to improve the water supply quality, operational and maintenance efficiency in a water distribution network. User friendly and KPI-oriented dashboards provide an overview of the system’s state to operators, maintenance teams and managers.

Why ABB?

ABB is partnering with TaKaDu, the leading solution provider for leakage detection and infrastructure monitoring software in water distribution networks. Their solution has been integrated into ABB’s SCADA system Symphony Plus to expand ABB’s existing information management capabilities and to offer a new dimension to the real-time understanding of the network data and operations.

  • Increase real-time performance monitoring of water supply infrastructure 
  • Reduce financial losses due to non-revenue water and higher energy consumption
  • Increase localization efficiency of leakages
  • Reduce engineering efforts of TaKaDu solution thanks to existing common data exchange interfaces

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