Celebrating the value of water

ABB for UN World Water Day 2021

World Water Day, established by the United Nations, is an annual awareness day which celebrates one of the world’s most precious resources on the planet - water. 

We join the UN in calling on citizens, industries, and solutions providers across the world to work together to achieve a greater goal: more responsible use of water. Part of that call to action is to participate in the UN’s conversation on sharing what water means to each of us.  

Water means different things to different people, but everyone has a role to play to ensure that it is valued and safeguarded effectively. We are committed to sustainable development and are proud to join the UN’s conversation. With a community of around 105, 000 employees in over 100 countries, we understand that water is an issue globally, but also know that the situation on the ground varies locally. With that in mind we asked our employees across the world to talk about water, its role and how it affects each of them, in their own lives.  

Through our products, services and digital capabilities we are striving to create a better world –today and for generations to come. 

Find out more on how we enable access to safe, clean drinking water and drive a more sustainable use of water across industries, cities, and agriculture.

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