High-speed full converter concepts

ABB’s offering for high-speed full converter concepts includes permanent magnet generators, asynchronous generators and full power converters, all suitable for onshore or offshore turbines. Generator stator contactors and main circuit breakers complete the ABB drivetrain offering.

Full converter concept

In the full converter concept, the converter decouples the generator and the mechanical drivetrain from the grid. All of the generated power flows through the converter to the grid. Synchronous (permanent magnet) and asynchronous generators are typically used. The converter provides the generator’s torque and speed control. 

Advantages compared to the doubly-fed concept:

  • Decouples the generator from the grid
  • Reduces mechanical shocks on the turbine during grid faults
  • Increases grid code compliance
  • Enables full speed range
  • Increased annual power yield
  • Full reactive power production
  • Full control of the power

High-speed full converter concept

The high-speed full converter (HSFC) concept is mechanically similar to the doubly-fed type, using a normal three-stage gear box and a small, high-speed permanent magnet generator (up to 2000 rpm). Asynchronous generators are also used.


  • Lowest generator weight and smallest size
  • Can be used to upgrade existing doubly-fed designs

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