ABB provides the structural underpinnings of a smart future

Wherever there are people, there is infrastructure.

Infrastructure provides transportation, energy, water, communications and other essentials of a healthy economy. It enables cities to grow and nations to rise. It provides jobs for millions and enhances the quality of life for billions. Infrastructure is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. And like air, it requires our attention to support the needs of a changing planet.

Infrastructure is increasingly instrumental in creating a sustainable future. As more of our infrastructure becomes digitally connected, we gain visibility into the health and efficiency of our most basic systems: Is there leakage in our water supply? Is there adequate ventilation in our tunnels? Do we understand the power distribution needs of our ports and shipyards? Can we identify potential points of failure before they fail?

ABB’s Electrification business plays an integral part in building a safe, sustainable, efficient infrastructure for the next generation. Explore our interactive landscape and the infrastructure sub-segments listed in Solution Highlights to find the solutions you need to help improve the underpinnings of a smart future.

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