Water infrastructure

ABB helps ensure a sustainable supply of earth’s most precious resource

Water is life.

It grows our food, quenches our thirst and is an important source of renewable energy. Our rivers are thoroughfares of commerce. Our oceans produce vast amounts of food and help moderate our changing climate.

Without water, there could be no life on earth.

Drought, flooding, sea-level rise and pollution are all threatening our supply of this most precious resource. According to the United Nations, we are facing a 40 percent water deficit by 2030. Already, a quarter of the people on earth don’t have enough safe drinking water, and nearly half lack proper sanitation. And demand is only growing. As world population rises to 10 billion by 2050, the demand for water is expected to rise 55 percent.

We can no longer assume - even in developed countries­­­­­­­­­­­­ - that we can turn on the tap and get a glass of clear, clean water. But we can work toward making this a reality for everyone.

ABB’s water solutions are rooted in a core set of values that ground our business strategy and shape our solutions: safety, quality, sustainability, reliability and flexibility. These values apply across all of our businesses and product lines, but are especially relevant to the production and preservation of clean water. Explore our solution highlights to see how ABB’s experience in both water applications and electrification solutions contribute to the free flow of high-quality, sustainably managed water.

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