What's new in AC 800M

This year, we released Version 6 for ABB's Process controller family AC 800M and the corresponding engineering tool Compact Control Builder M. This release includes a variety of enhancements and updates for faster communication, improved integration and efficient performance.

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Windows 7 and 8 support

Version 6.0 supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. In addition, it can be used with 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 and Server 2008 R2 SP1. The new ABB Start Menu is used in Windows 8.1 to display a Windows 7 style start menu for the ABB products.

Improved security

This version supports Windows UAC (User Account Control) in default state. Installation and configuration needs administrator privileges whereas normal operation should be performed with standard user privileges to maintain a secure operation environment.

This version 6.0 is compatible with Microsoft Windows DEP (Data Execution Prevention). DEP is a security feature preventing malicious code from executing in data memory, typically buffer overflow attacks storing instructions in data memory. All executable are now digitally signed and carry ABB branding and copyright

Multiple Soft Controllers

It is now possible to run up to 25 Soft Controllers simultaneously on the same PC. Peer-to-peer communication using IAC is automatically set up between the soft controllers.

Ethernet based connectivity to Satt-I/O (Evolution)

Evolution for Installations of SattCon 200, SattLine 200, AC 210, AC 250 and AC 800C: The New 200-AENTR adapter connects S200 I/O to AC 800M controllers simply via Ethernet. Inbuilt Ethernet switch can daisy-chain several 200-AENTR, no external switch needed.

New controller and communication hardware

Improved auto-routing of graphical connections in the control diagram editor. The MMS communication between the AC 800M controller and OPC Server has been optimized for faster communication and less controller load.


Redundant controller in separate locations

The new BC820 redundancy module allows for up to 200m distance between redundant controllers to support physically separated installation for improved fire, water, missile protection redundancy topologies. The connection between the BC820s consists of electrical and optical link. BC820 can be used with PM862 and PM866.

New connection libraries

New hardware library is add to support ABB's universal motor controller UMC100ABB's via CI871 PROFINET IO.
For a copy of the latest release notes, please contact your local ABB essential Automation representative.

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