Panel Builder software

A highly acclaimed and intuitive engineering tool to configure operator panels. 

Panel Builder is a user-friendly engineering tool to configure Panel 800 operator panels. Based on the familiar Microsoft® Windows® environment with intuitive ribbon menus and Windows® media objects it provides you an interface that is easy to understand and navigate.

Select speed, direction, color and background of the information on process statuses, production data, instructions and alarms. Acknowledge alarms using function keys for a ease of use. Critical information such as alarms, text reports, trend data and recipes can be accessed by remote, and alarms transmitted to the operator via e-mail or SMS.

Communication drivers for more than 50 controllers and automation equipment are available.

Multiple languages
Panel 800 features unlimited support for different languages. Furthermore, the selected language can be changed in run-time based on, for example, a tag value. In addition, the Panel Builder engineering tool supports eight languages namely English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.

Pre-defined objects
More than 400 vector based symbols adding to a total of 700 symbols can be used to create complete process images, providing an overview of a complex application. You can also customize these objects or create objects of your own.

SD Card backup
Reduce downtime with project and data backup on the panel's built-in SD card. With scheduled or cyclic back-up, data is always up to date and easily restored in case of a breakdown. Additionally, the SD card can be used to transfer data from one panel to another (also possible with USB stick). 

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Converting version 5.1 applications to version 6

More panel tools

Remote Access Viewer (RAV)

The Remote Access Viewer is an efficient program for remote access and control an operator panel. The RAV is included on the Panel Builder CD but needs to be installed separately.

Automatic driver update

In the Panel Builder 800 there is a tool for automatic driver updates. The Panel Builder 800 can thus be ordered to check for new updates and if available, it will download and install the new drivers automatically. If no Internet connection exists, the drivers can be manually installed.

Image loader

This application is used to download system programs to the operator panel via a PC. The Image Loader is available on the installation DVD.

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