Freelance Quickstart Tutorial

The Freelance Quickstart Tutorial is meant to help you with a quick and efficient start with Freelance, the distributed control system (DCS) for process applications from ABB.

Here, you find the Video Workshop, how to get the software and other useful information. This workshop will guide you learning to work with the system. You will learn how to configure, test and commission your first project. 

For the workshop part of the tutorial (Basics and Engineering) it is recommended to use the free trial software and a project file, which you can easily request from us.

Current version for download: 3BDD015217 en J Freelance Quickstart tutorial and demo 2019.
Freelance 2019 runs on Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Free trial software

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Freelance Quickstart Tutorial -
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In this part of the workshop you will learn how to install the Freelance DCS in just a few minutes and you will learn how to create a small program. The entire tutorial will be based on the Water Plant project, which will also be explained.
This part of the workshop is focusing on engineering. You will learn about Function Blocks, Tasks and the Graphics Editor.
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