Freelance Controllers

A Freelance distributed control system (DCS) can consist of one or several AC 700F, AC 800F or AC 900F controllers and can be extended with different types of I/O units.

AC 700F is meant for applications with up to 300 I/O signals per AC 700F controller. This PLC-like controller comes with a very small footprint. S700 direct I/O modules can be directly plugged to the controller module. AC 900F is the most powerful controller in the Freelance controller series.

AC 800F opens up the flexibility of fieldbus technology and provides access to the fieldbus of your choice: FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, or HART.

AC 900F is the most powerful controller in the Freelance controller family. The new PM 904F expands the capability of the standard version PM902F and supports up to four communication interfaces for PROFIBUS and Modbus TCP and typically supports 1,500 I/Os per controller in the standard version. AC 900F Lite supports up to 400 I/O.

You can connect fieldbus-compliant I/O components such as remote S700, S800 or S900 I/O or field devices directly to the AC 900F, AC 800F or AC 700F. AC 700F and AC 900F can also be equipped with direct I/O modules.

The configuration for the entire project is done with one tool, Freelance Engineering (Control Builder F). You work with all controller types in exactly the same manner. You can configure your system redundantly without additional engineering effort.

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