Freelance Controllers

A Freelance distributed control system (DCS) can consist of one or several controllers of type AC 700F and AC 900F . All these active Freelance controllers can use S700 I/0 modules directly plugged to the right side of the processor module PM, and with a communication interface plugged on the left, connect to different types of remote I/0 units.

AC 700F is meant for small applications from just a few to about 300 I/0 signals per controller. This PLC-like controller comes with a very small footprint. The number of supported I/O signals per controller depends on the complexity of the application.

AC 900F comes in 3 flavors.

The Plus version PM 904F is the most powerful processor module that has four slots for communication interfaces and fits for about 1.800 I/O.

The Standard version PM 902F and Light version PM 901F come with two slots for communication interfaces. The PM 902F supports also about 1,800 I/0 while the PM 901F supports about 400 I/0. The configuration for the entire application is done with just one tool, Freelance Engineering. You work with all controller types in the same way. For highest availability you can configure your system redundantly without additional engineering effort.

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