800xA Operations for Freelance

800xA for Freelance provides the connectivity between Freelance and System 800xA extended automation capabilities.

The connection to 800xA Operations provides the user with advanced operator functionality such as four-monitor operation and a client-server architecture with up to 40 workstations when extended functionality is needed.

In particular, 800xA Operations also makes it possible to group several Freelance islands under one operator interface.

Additional 800xA functions such as 800xA Batch Management and 800xA Information Management can also be integrated.

Support for very large plants
The standard operator interface in Freelance (DigiVis) makes it possible to operate and observe all process stations in a Freelance system. In the case of 800xA Operations, ABB offers a very convenient means of connecting several Freelance systems to a common operator level in very large plants.

The relevant faceplates are generated automatically for all process points in the lower-level Freelance systems. DigiVis and 800xA Operations are compatible, meaning that both operator levels can be used together, for instance Freelance Operations in the local control room and 800xA Operations in the head office.

For more information, please visit our website: 800xA Operations

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