Field Information Manager license ordering

Get an overview about the different Field Information Manager editions and find information on how to order

It is important to recognize that installation of the tool is separate from licensing. Installation is never prevented due to lack of licensing. However, appropriate license is required in order to use the advanced features.

The license is dependent on the MAC address of one of the adapters of the system in use. The Field Information Manager software provides a list with available adapters in the Options Menu - License Handling.

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How to order a license and supply a correct MAC address

  • Download the free version of the Field Information Manager software via the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Install the free version and start the software. Then open the Options - License handling page for retrieving the preferred MAC address of your computer. Please add the MAC address to the "Contact information" section.
  • Please select a Field Information Manager Edition from the list below. Please add this information to the "Contact information" section.
  • Access the "Contact information" section at the bottom of this page and add a text that you want to order the ABB Field Information Manager software and which edition you want to order.
  • During the ordering & procurement stage, ABB staff will get in contact with you to verify the given information.
  • Finally, you will receive a mail that contains the license file and further information from ABB.

Field Information Manager Editions

Device Window "Free" Edition

The Device Window Edition (DWE) is available for free to explore the Field Information Manager.
It is active automatically after installation to get started and can be used without a license.
This edition is limited to one single connected field device at a time.

Device Handheld Edition

The Handheld Edition (HHE) provides typical functionality required for field device configuration and maintenance using a handheld device.
It is designed for handheld devices to bring the Field Information Manager as a device management tool into the field. This edition is limited to 100 device tags and standalone applications (with only one Field Information Manager Client).

Device Management Edition

The Device Management Edition (DME) provides the full range of features and is intended as a permanent device management tool connected to a larger number of field devices.
It is scalable with additional Field Information Manager Clients for parallel working and higher tag numbers. Integration of ABB Ability™ System 800xA and ABB Ability™ Symphony Plus is possible as well as exposing field device data via the built-in OPC UA interface. Other licensed features such as connectivity to Rockwell hardware (Allen Bradley 1756 I/O Series) via EtherNet/IP or automated Loop Checks in Field Information Manager add further value to the edition for an efficient device management.


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