VIDEO: Powering Singapore's Digital Economy at DODID Data Center

DODID is a start-up in Singapore’s Data Center scene, specializing in providing co-location services for companies looking for a value-added Uptime Institute Tier III Certified Cloud Service Provider. ABB was selected by DODID to deliver a comprehensive electrification and automation package in their flagship data center, which was recently launched in 2018.

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Realize uptime, speed and yield

The electrification scope ranged from substation level to socket which included transformers, medium voltage switchgear, circuit breakers, SMISSLINE TP, CMS-700 branch circuit monitoring devices, and industrial plugs and sockets. ABB Ability™ Data Center Automation is the industrial-grade Data Center Automation Suite that controls and monitors electrical performance real-time, control power demand remotely, and acquire a full knowledge of the electrical infrastructure by leveraging a comprehensive collection of data, making informed decisions for predictive maintenance, hence optimizing the performance of the electrical infrastructure.

This enables DODID to realize uptime, speed and yield, and provide value for their customers.

Main facts

Industry Data center
Customer DODID Data Center
Country Singapore
Year  2018
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