Device Management HART

A full range of field devices is certified for the Freelance DCS and enables seamless implementation. New devices are continuously added to the device library by the Device Integration Center.

HART field communications protocol is widely accepted in the industry as a standard for digitally enhanced 4..20mA communications with smart field instruments. A wide range of products is available today in the marketplace. HART preserves the 4..20 mA signal and enables two-way digital communications to occur without disturbing the integrity of the 4..20mA signal.

The HART protocol is field proven, simple to implement, use and maintain. HART field devices are connected to the controller via S800 and S900 remote I/O modules. In addition, HART devices can be connected to Freelance via HART Multiplexers.


Technical Data
Plug and Produce
A full range of field devices is certified for Freelance and enables seamless implementation. On a continuous basis these device libraries are extended with devices from ABB and third party manufacturers. The Device Integration Center is a service to manage and enhance these libraries.
HART engineering
HART devices connected to the S800 or S900 Remote I/O can be configured with the aid of HART DTMs. For S900, also HART templates can be used. They consist of preconfigured DPV1 services which tunnel a HART command via the PROFIBUS to the HART device on the analog channel of a particular S900 I/O module. Users can also create HART templates themselves.

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