Freelance DCS at the heart of boilers from Osby Parca

ABB’s Freelance DCS is contributing to a high degree of efficiency and accessibility over and above what is normal.

The smell of welding gas is unmistakable in Osby-Parca’s factory. Concentrated and silent professional workers stand, sit or lie by large cylinders of sheet metal that are to become solid fuel boilers.

Our exports that are at around 20% will take a real upward hop during the next few years

The boiler manufacturer, Osby Parca has not been hit by the weak economic climate – quite the opposite. The USA market is crying out for solid fuel boilers for renewable energy and there work is at high pressure in the factory.

“We have an incredible high level of skill in our personnel; all of them are qualified professional workers,” says Martin Nilsson, design manager at Osby Parca. While many other industries have been battling the economic crisis, the boiler manufacturing company in Osby in Northern Skåne has fared wonderfully well. The management of the company recognized the increased demand in the USA at an early stage and obtained ASMR certification, a quality stamp that is required to deliver boiler to the American market.

“This has provided us with several important orders and with this certification in our hands, the door to a lot of countries has been opened. In addition to the USA, we have also noticed great interest from Australia, England and Spain. Our exports that are at around 20% will take a real upward hop during the
next few years,” predicts Dennis Eliasson, site manager and marketing manager. 

Main facts

Industry OEM
Customer Osby Parca
Country Sweden

The Freelance DCS with AC 700F and AC 800F controllers

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System integrator
Osby Parca

Fredrik Carlsson, electrical designer at Osby Parca
"Our products are often customized and a major advantage is that I can easily make changes in the control system when necessary."

Freelance DCS: easy to adapt for customized products

ABB that delivers control and automatic control systems, frequency converters and miscellaneous  low-voltage devices is a key supplier. Osby Parca purchases two different controllers from the Freelance product family, the AC 800F and AC 700F controllers.

“In the beginning, we only purchased AC 800F for our larger boilers and had another supplier for the smaller boilers.

When ABB expanded with AC 700F, it was a perfect fit for our smaller boilers since it was better than those of its competitor. A major advantage is that the systems are built from the same platform entailing that we can use the same software and reuse the application created with AC 800F in an application with AC 700F so that even this will work in our larger installations.”

With ABB’s Freelance DCS, Osby Parca is carrying out constant improvement work. Among other things, their efficient convection technology and advanced control equipment is what has makes them successful.

Service Manager, Håkan Svärd
"They system is user-friendly, malfunctions very rarely and we get good support. The fact that ABB is a global actor is also of great significance. e.g. that they are represented in the USA and provide support for the Freelance systems there.”
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