System 800xA DCS batch history and analysis

Organization, storage, archive and retrieval of batch data and events to perform batch-to-batch analysis of trends, functionality to meet regulatory requirements

The batch related alarms and events are routed to the 800xA System event system for collection and organization by 800xA Information Management.

The Production Data Log (PDL) history function of 800xA Information Management provides hierarchical history of batch data and events. Often in batch process applications, information relationships cannot be pre-configured because they typically depend on the control recipe execution, rather than on some periodic time basis. The PDL of 800xA Information Management has built-in provisions for the organization, storage, archive and retrieval of this type of information.

The data records stored in 800xA Information Management are exactly accessible to Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and other popular reporting packages like Crystal Reports. Batch Management includes standard report templates that can serve as a basis for configuring detailed, application specific batch production reports.

With batch event data stored hierarchically in PDL, it is easy to perform batch-to-batch analysis of trend data using associations to batch data to select desired batches and trend variables for analysis.

800xA Management enforces the production sequence necessary to consistently produce on-spec product. Security, audit trail, change management, electronic signature, automated reporting, archival and retrieval are integral to all operations and system applications. In combination with 800xA Information Management, ABB system generates complete electronic batch production records that fully document manufacturing compliance.


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