IndustrialIT certified products for use with ABB System 800xA DCS

Ensure interoperability, stable operation and lower cost of ownership.

ABB is committed to open inter-connectivity of automation and power solutions from major 3rd party brands to provide continuous productivity improvement for your system.

Q: Do you sell any of these products?
A: No, please look at the Ordering link on each product page.

Q: What term or period does the certification cover for each platform tested with the current release of 800xA?
A: If there are no major changes to the platform the certificate has no time limit. A major release of 800xA lives for at least 7 years out of which at least 3 are in active sales.

Q: Is re-certification required for each new release of 800xA?
A: Yes, for each major release.

Q: Is re-certification required with each intel refresh ?
A: If the Intel refresh causes a chipset change re-certification is needed. BIOS upgrades usually don't require re-certification.

Q: Do you provide a blanket certification for the platform regardless of configuration, or does each configuration need to be tested? If so, is there an additional fee for testing additional configuration?
A: If the products/configurations in the platform is very similar we normally do a "family" certification, i.e. we test one of the products and let you sign a declaration of conformance stating that the other products are similar. We will charge you 500USD for the declaration of conformance.
Q: Do you offer any partnership, OEM or channel opportunities to re-sell our hardware platforms with your software?
A: No. But we have worked with other suppliers to set up B2B sites. This always makes it easier for our customer projects when they purchase their hardware.

What is IndustrialIT certification?

What do we certify?
How do we certify?
Getting started
Certification fees
The ABB IndustrialIT certification process applies to those products and solutions that are interoperable with 800xA and provide the “plug and produce” functionality - thus helping customers achieve lower total cost of ownership. Certification is focused on integration and usability - installation, documentation and operation. It verifies performance with respect to System 800xA, i.e. non-interference with 800xA operation. 

The Certification department is also responsible for 800xA virtualization.

For vendors:

  • IndustrialIT Enabled Certificate issued by ABB
  • The certificate can be used in marketing activities
  • The certificate will be published on ABB’s internal and external websites
  • IndustrialIT Enabled Symbol available to vendor
  • The Symbol can be used in marketing activities
  • The symbol can be used on product packaging or documentation
For end customers:
  • A product that is already tested and known to work in an 800xA environment
  • A product that can be supervized, via SNMP, by 800xA (managed products only)
  • A wider range of integrated 3rd party products suited for their specific needs
For ABB:
  • We extend our offering to end customers with integrated 3rd party products and their respective functionality.
We certify mostly hardware but also some software. Hardware includes PCs, servers, workstations, laptops, switches and routers. Other types of hardware can be certified on a need basis.

Checkpoints applied for PC / Server / Workstation / Laptop:

  1. Verify performance requirements against the latest version of System 800xA
  2. Drivers and SW required by installed HW options must be installed together with requested operating system.
  3. It must be possible to install and handle ABB boards in machines aimed for to run as Connectivity servers.
  4. Verify communication with AC800, AC400 and AC100 type of controllers
  5. It must be possible to install 800xA with the system installer.
  6. Execution of System 800xA and options suitable for the node type must be possible.
  7. Standard server supervision in PNSM must operate properly.
  8. The machine must start normally at power up and other power failure.
  9. The machine must be able to handle daily interrupts of power supply and network communication without major impacts on system performance
  10. Workstations must be able to handle four screens setup.

Network components include 3rd party hardware that is used as a base for System 800xA (infrastructure equipment). Right now we focus mainly on switches and routers.

Checkpoints applied for switches:

  1. It should be possible to integrate the device into PC, Network and Software Monitoring (PNSM) via SNMP. (managed switches)
  2. RNRP* Multicast traffic must work properly.
  3. High load in the switch must not violate the redundancy supervision (RNRP* multicast)
  4. The switch must be able to handle fast switches of Ethernet (MAC) addresses (redundant controllers).
  5. Controllers connected with half duplex must not get any Ethernet interface errors: CRC errors, framing errors, Lost Carrier sense or collisions.
  6. It must be possible to deactivate IGMP snooping.
  7. It must be possible to configure transmission mode and speed on managed switches.
  8. Power failure and power-up must be handled accurate and not create unnecessary status changes in the communication.
  9. High load or internal delays in the switch must not introduce a transmission delay that violates the time accuracy.
  10. Auxiliary contact for reporting of summary failure including power failure should exist.
  11. Impact of CPU switching on switch supervision.

*RNRP: Redundant Network Routing Protocol

    These are the basic steps of the certification process:

    1. Contact Certification Center with request for certification. Fill out this request form* and send it to: IIT Certification Center. Submit existing documentation / product description
    2. Based on documentation, the Certification Manager will contact you and:
      • Advise correct certification alternative
      • Issue a Quotation for the certification
    3. Send Purchase Order according to Quotation
    4. Upon receiving of Purchase Order, the Certification Manager will:
      • Request hardware/software to be sent to Certification Center
      • Determine preliminary test schedule
    5. When hardware / software arrives:
      • Qualification**
      • Test of installation and operation in 800xA test system
      • Delivery of Certificate and IIT Enabled Logo

    *The request form is a Microsoft Word document containing macros. If you have problems opening/saving it you have to enable macros (Office button -> Word Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings... -> Enable all macros)

    **Qualification: If there are major issues regarding the possibility to finish the certification, both parties can agree on termination at an early stage.

After a succesful certification the vendor will receive a Certificate and is entitled to use ABB’s “Industrial IT Enabled” logo. Certified products are published here on ABB’s Global web. Where so appropriate we will also create integrated supervision to be used from within System 800xA for the device.


Unmanaged Switch USD 2500
Managed Switch USD 5000
Laptop USD 3000 Only tested as engineering/workplace client
Workstation USD 6000 Includes multi-screen support
Server USD 6000
Blade Center USD 10000 Includes a blade server or client
Additional 800xA version USD 1000 By default only the current version is tested
Quoted Depends on size and complexity
SW or Hardware Update USD 1000
Conformance Letter USD 500 Models similar to certified products
Terminated Certification USD 1000

The tested equipment will be needed for a period of 6 months after a succcesful certification. Both to create additional monitoring capabilities, where possible, and to have it available for support during the first field experiences

There is a 20% discount on the certification fee for those vendors that let us keep the tested equipment.

If the tested equipment is to be returned the following applies:

  • The equipment will be returned at the suppliers cost
  • The supplier must be able to borrow us equipment corresponding to the tested no later than 14 days after a request. This is to cover for possible support cases.

Please visit the Getting Started section for more information.

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