System 800xA ensuring that virtualization benefits are maximized

ABB and System 800xA enable customers to utilize modern technologies such as virtualization. This provides a smaller footprint, with lower maintenance costs while at the same time increasing availability in a pre-tested, supported environment.

Full support for virtualization technology

ABB has chosen VMware ESX. It can be used in 800xA systems to combine multiple 800xA server applications on a single computer. The total number of physical computers required in an installation is reduced significantly. This also reduces the required space for computers, hardware acquisition cost for computers and cabinets, and operating expenses (such as energy costs).

Higher availability and functionality with less hardware

System 800xA can achieve higher availability and functionality with the use of less hardware when installed in a virtualized environment. This is achieved due to System 800xA’s software architecture and inherent server redundancy. Maintenance is also less resource dependent due to centralizing access through the VMware console. Via this console, the status of each server and virtual switches is presented and can be accessed from a centralized location.

Smoother installation and upgrades

Virtualization allows ABB to deliver systems that not only provide excellent energy savings and reduced hardware footprints, but also enable efficient support and maintenance of the system over its entire lifecycle. Patch deployment, server maintenance, software compatibility, and upgrades can all be executed more efficiently.

Higher availability and easier maintenance with Storage Area Network

Virtual machines can either be stored on hard disks localized in the ESX server, or on a network storage device such as a Storage Area Network (SAN) server. In both cases, the storage is added to the ESX server and seen as datastores.

ABB System 800xA has a pre-tested, validated architecture that can run VMware ESX virtualization software. This lets 800xA systems run multiple 800xA nodes in a single hardware server!


Lifecycle cost comparison for 8 node system

Initial hardware savings with a virtual environment are 33% with continued savings in operating and energy costs throughout the PC lifecycle (annual savings upwards of 43%). Total energy savings over the 5 year lifecycle are 10.49 kWatts and total Carbon Emissions are cut by 120,054 lbs (54.4 tons).

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