DCS Collaboration Arena 360 experience

Pan through the Marseille DCS Collaboration Arena and experience the purpose designed control room, EOW-x3, Collaboration Table and ABB heritage and third party systems seamlessly consolidated in 800xA

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Control Room
Server Room
Featuring System 800xA, the ABB DCS flagship, the control room showcases seamless consolidation of ABB heritage and third party DCS systems, a unique ABB capability.

In the Control Room you find 800xA, with its EOW-x3 HMI and an Engineering station running Control Builder software. The meeting table and the Collaboration Table provides an excellent environment to demonstrate and discuss 800xA integration capabilities. The control room uses ABB Busch-Jaeger building automation control as well as ABB KNX integrations for building automation.
The server room features all hardware, both ABB and third party, seamlessly integrated through System 800xA, showcasing ABB's unqiue capabilities of true DCS HMI consolidation.

Besides the 800xA controller AC 800M and Freelance, several heritage DCS are present; Symphony DCI System Six and Infi 90, Advant Controller 460, Advant Controller 450 with S100 I/O and S400 I/O along with an AC500 PLC.

Integration with third party DCS's is demonstrated with Siemens PCS7 S7-400 and S7-300, Emerson Delta V, Provox I/O and a RS3 I/O replacement, GE Fanuc, Foxboro I/A, Yokogawa Centum 3000, a Schneider controller and Honeywell TDC3000 and Experion.
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