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Advanced Services for ABB Ability™ System 800xA distributed control system

Uncover issues that limit current system performance, help you implement time- and money-saving improvements and extend the life of your assets.

Control systems are robust by design and development and therefore tolerant towards occurring issues. Non-optimal system settings and conditions often do not cause incidents immediately, but might result in disturbances over time.

What could happen in long-term running systems:

  • System overload is causing slow response rate
  • Gradual system performance degradation is not diagnosed or resolved until issues arise
  • Issues arise sporadically which are difficult to diagnose
  • Hardware devices glide slowly towards unavailability
  • Redundancy problems create single points of failures
  • System efficiency losses
  • Unavailability of operational features due to lacks in software installation
  • Security vulnerabilities due to obsolete Microsoft Update status

Therefore, various reports and services have been developed on the base of long-term customer support experience, with automated data collection and report generation.

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