Enterprise Historian on UNIX for Advant Master DCS

Migration and support for ABB Enterprise Historian, Unix-based software suite for Advant Master DCS managing historical, real-time process data.

Enterprise Historian is a suite of software for managing historical and real-time
process/production information, and integrating your various enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution, and automation systems. Information management/integration capabilities include:

• collection and storage of historical process and production data
• presentation of process and production information via reports and displays
• data distribution

Data can be physically stored in several computers and databases;however, to the end-user it appears as if all data are stored in one database. Likewise, applications and tools can be executed in several computers; however, to the end user it appears as if all applications are executed in one computer. 

This gives you up-to-the-minute production information from yesterday, last month, or even years ago; the type of information needed to manage your production. You can leverage your existing investments by simply integrating Enterprise Historian software into your current Advant Open Control System (OCS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Enterprise Historian is based on leading-edge IT open architecture, which includes plant based, component based, three-tiered, and distributed networks.

ABB maximizes your system investment and provides an evolution path forward for your ABB DCS. This is achieved by designing control systems for continuous evolution and by providing service offerings that extend the life cycle and improve the availability and performance of systems in the ABB portfolio and beyond.

Read more about the evolution path for Enterprise Historian on UNIX.

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Enterprise Historian Select
Enterprise Historian Professional
Optional Software for Enterprise Historian
Enterprise Historian Select is a cost-effective solution for smaller system applications, such as PLCs.

Enterprise Historian Select software includes:

• Enterprise Historian System Services on HP-UX platform with 250 real-time tag license
• Display Services for one server / one display client
• DataDirect client for integration with Microsoft Excel
• Web Server/Browser (HP-UX platform only)

Enterprise Historian Select may be used for the following applications:

• To provide an HP-UX node as a gateway for transferring data to third party historians such as OSI PI, and Aspen. This configuration requires the User API option.
• To provide a method for getting history data from ABB TTD and PHL logs, to the enterprise for display and manipulation via Display Services.
• To provide the application environment for Advant Open Control Systems.
Enterprise Historian Professional is a high-end information management solution for larger system applications with multiple platforms and distributed control. With Enterprise Historian Professional, you get all the Enterprise Historian Select software, plus History Services with 250 tag license, and a Pavilion™ Insights™ license.
Category Software Package Professional Select HP-UX MOD 300 Master
Software Options
ABB control network connection
User API
Additional client licenses and builders for Display Services ✓(1)
Additional client licenses for DataDirect
Production Data Logger
Event Log
Object Handling
SQL*Connect Programming
Programmer 2000 - Pro*C
X-terminal Interface
Software Options
Object Type Builder
AdvaBuild Central Backup
Software Options
Link to MATLAB
Link for HP RTAP
Batch Extensions
Automation Connections
Pavilion Property Predictor™
MasterBatch Communication
MOD 300 Computer Interface
✓(1):  HP-UX platform requires Windows NT connection for display building.

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