Multibus Configuration and AdvaBuild engineering tools for Advant MOD 300 DCS

Support and replacement of ABB Multibus Configuration and AdvaBuild engineering tools for Advant MOD 300 DCS.

System based tools for configuring CCF databases, TCL procedures, TLL segments, Batch 300 recipes, graphics and environments are available in Windows-based, UNIX-based and proprietary OS-based applications.

The proprietary OS-based tools are the Multibus MOD 300 Configurator, CDP. Tools for building the database (CCF), TCL and TLL are provided. The configurator also includes support for the MOD 300 Page Builder and Console Configurator used for building the operator interface.

For the UNIX-based tools ABB offers AdvaBuild 2.x for CCF, TCL, TLL and Batch 300. Operator interface configurations are part of the UNIX-based AdvaBuild tools.

For the Windows-based tools ABB offers AdvaBuild 3.x for CCF, TCL, TLL and Batch 300. Graphic and operator interface configurations are provided by the Process Portal tools. 

ABB maximizes your system investment and provides an evolution path forward for your ABB DCS. This is achieved by designing control systems for continuous evolution and by providing service offerings that extend the life cycle and improve the availability and performance of systems in the ABB portfolio and beyond.

Read more about the evolution path for Multibus Configuration and AdvaBuild engineering tools.

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Multibus Configuration tool
AdvaBuild version 2
AdvaBuild version 3

The Multibus Configuration tool integrates three control strategies to provide flexible optimization for a wide variety of process control applications.

Configurable Control Functions (CCF) an easy to use block structured language ideally suited for continuous control applications

Taylor Control Language (TCL) a programmable language designed for batch and sequential control

Taylor Ladder Logic (TLL) for forming high speed inter locking and other programmable logic controller functions .

AdavBuild Version 2 are UNIX based tools for Advant MOD 300. The tools include: Structure Builder, Template Builder, and Function Chart Builder.

These tools provide the framework to organize your project in an intuitive tree-format, assign I/O, develop tag names, and define control algorithms. The data can then be displayed in easy to understand block structured graphics.

The database for the system and for CCF are developed using these tools and stored in an Oracle database. The TCL Builder option allows developing TCL procedures and recipes with version control. The TLL Builder option allows developing TLL segments in graphical ladder diagrams with version control.

AdvaBuild Version 3 are the latest MS Windows based tools. The suite of tools are client/server applications allowing remote clients full access to the builders including authority checking.

  • Templet Builder is the base configuration tool for MOD 300. The Database for the system and for CCF is developed using this forms-based tool. All data is stored in an Oracle database.
  • TCL Builder allows developing TCL procedures and recipes with full version control.
  • TLL Builder allows developing TLL segments in a familiar graphical ladder diagram with full version control.

The new MOD 300 Engineering Displays product is a separate client/server application that provides engineering displays to local or remote clients. These engineering displays are the basic diagnostic and node level performance displays, I/O displays, and CCF displays with optional TCL and TLL displays. This new product along with AdvaBuild 3.x provides a true offline and online engineering environment. 

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