Series 6000 model A, B and C Controllers for Advant MOD 300 DCS

Support and Evolution for the ABB Series 6000 model A, B and C

The Model B controller (6000 Series) is the first MOD 300 controller, introduced in 1984. Up to 12 controller modules can be supported by a single Controller subsystem. The controlller module performs the primary functions of data acquisition and control, including I/O processing, continuous control, interlocks. sequential control and communications.

For applications requiring controller redundancy two options are available: Subsystem redundancy, referred to as 11 to 1, where one controller can back up a single subsystem or card file redundancy, 3 to 1, where one controller backs up a single card file of the three possible card files in a subsystem.

Control processing is Configurable Control Functions (CCF) and Taylor Control Language (TCL).

The only I/O option is Direct I/O with 16 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs and up to 48 digital ins or outs, channel selectable. The controller board and the I/O board are physically attached as a complete assembly.

The Bulk I/O subsystem consists of various I/O modules inserted in a Multibus card file. The associated termination panels connect to these I/O modules via ribbon cables.

ABB maximizes your system investment and provides an evolution path forward for your ABB DCS. This is achieved by designing control systems for continuous evolution and by providing service offerings that extend the life cycle and improve the availability and performance of systems in the ABB portfolio and beyond.

Read more about the evolution path for Series 6000 model A, B and C Controllers.

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