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Batch Management for Advant MOD 300 DCS

Migration and support for Batch 300 and ABB Produce IT, software packages for MOD 300 and Advant MOD 300 DCS for recipe, batch and procedural control.

Batch Management provides manufacturers the agility, speed, and control to respond to increasing production demands while reducing life cycle costs and production downtime to enhance performance and overall competitiveness in the marketplace.

By taking full advantage of these industry standard technologies, Batch Management provides the richest set of operator interface capabilities available in the marketplace.

Batch 300 and Produce IT life cycle status
Both Batch 300 for MOD 300 and Produce IT Batch for Advant MOD 300 are the Obsolete life cycle phase.
In both cases ABB recommends to migrate to System 800xA Batch Management with the Advant MOD 300 System Evolution and Automation Sentinel offering.


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Produce IT Batch
Batch 300

Produce IT Batch for Advant MOD 300
Launched in 2001, Produce IT Batch is a comprehensive recipe management, batch and procedural control software suite for production management. It provides manufacturers the agility, speed and control to respond to increasing production demands, enhancing both performance and overall competitiveness in the marketplace.

Produce IT Batch supports all facets of batch manufacturing including:

Recipe Editing - Create and maintain a library of master recipes and recipe building blocks. Provides online editing of control recipes during batch execution.

Equipment Editing - Create a hierarchy of batch equipment, and assign equipment attributes and equipment capabilities.

Batch Scheduling - Create a control recipe based on a specific master recipe and any additional information, such as batch size, and place the batch in the schedule queue.

Displaying of Recipe Procedure Diagrams - Provides a window into the operation of the recipe allowing the operator to view status information as well as issue run-time commands to the active recipe.

Arbitrating Batch Resources - Automatically resolves equipment and other resource conflicts during batch production based on the priority of the batch.

Collecting and Reporting Batch History - Maintains a permanent record of all batch events during batch production and allows the history to be viewed or printed at any time during or after the execution of a batch.

Batch 300 for MOD 300
The batch management software suite for the predcessor to Advant MOD 300, the MOD 300, was launched in 1992. Together with the standard features of the MOD 300 system, if offered the degree of flexibility required to meet batch applications.

Batch 300 is divided into the following functional areas:

Recipe Management with three levels of recipe: site, master, and control. Recipe information includes header, equipment, procedure and formula values. As part of Recipe Management, the most generic site recipe is automatically translated to the master recipe and then to the control recipe.

Production Scheduling places a job or order into the schedule. The system calculates the number of standard size batches required to fulfill the order. 

Process Management processes scheduled jobs according to start time and availability of plant equipment. 

Unit Supervision gives operators and production managers easy access to and control of batch production. 

Process Control consists of the fully integrated TCL, CCF and TLL. Together, these three elements provide advanced process control capabilities and interlocking.

Production Information Management capabilities include recording and retrieval of historical batch data for use in comprehensive batch reports.

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