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Freelance Fingerprint or diagnostic analysis of the performance of the control system

Identify possible defects or deficiencies, which could impede the process control system availability, reliability or operational performance.

Freelance Fingerprint is a follow-up service on the Benchmark. The same KPIs and data is automatically collected for a fully automated analysis of the configuration and performance and compared to system requirements and best practices. 

A Freelance Fingerprint includes a validation of following items:

  • Software Installation for fulfillment of installation requirements
  • Controller Configuration and Performance including configuration of memory, network buffers, time synchronization and redundancy
  • Performance data, such as memory utilization, CPU load and temperature, time deviation
  • Computer Hardware Configuration and Performance including processor, memory or hard disks
  • Computer Software Configuration and Performance including Microsoft Windows® customization settings and tuning parameters
  • Computer Network Configuration and Performance including network configuration parameters and load data
  • Essential Security Settings including basic defensive measures, such as anti-virus software, firewall and Windows® updates

The Freelance Fingerprint goes far beyond problem detection and briefing the results. For each finding Freelance Fingerprint Report provides an individual

  • technical explanation
  • severity evaluation
  • operational impact assessment
  • recommendation for actions and
  • documentation references.


  • Sophisticated report simplifies management decision process by focusing on high impact opportunities for improvement
  • Improvement plan provides clear path to quickly closing performance gaps
  • Provides a solid foundation for continuous improvement based on data analysis methodology.

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