SattLine Workstation for Satt DCS

SattLine Workstation, the SattLine family HMI for maintenance, supervision, display creation and program configuration.

Operator skills and confidence are boosted and process security is held intact through a system which promotes user friendliness, process overview, focus on any part of the process at any time and animation for visual reality.

The graphic part of the SattLine system fulfills all requirements for secure and quick operators actions. The graphics are part of the object-oriented structure in the SattLine DCS concept. 

SattLine Operator - In Control
The operators can select their optimum role in the process. They can either monitor their own area of responsibility, intervene when a problem occurs and work proactively with the system, seeking out possibilities for process optimization and contribute to quality improvement.

This is possible with the unique windows and zoom facilities. On-line windows can be quickly and easily defined, controlled and moved. Different windows displaying a desired part of the process can be created and linked to function keys if required.

Zooming on a process picture or on a symbol gives more detailed information on the zoomed in part.

SattLine Operator - Ergonomics
Tests show that more than four colors tend to cause fatigue. That is why graphics in SattLine use grays as basic colors and avoid contrasting or strident colors. The result is a screen that is easy on the eyes and one the operator can monitor for a long time. Colors and symbols are used as information signals.
Symbols can be hidden or displayed depending on the status of the process signal. This function avoids process graphics to be crowded with information.

SattLine Operator - Security
Access to operators’ actions can be through privileges and log-in functions. Each SattLine module normally corresponding to a process object can belong to one or more groups of defined operators, thereby, giving access to allowed actions.
Log-in can be done by operator class and password by keyboard and/or magnetic card readers. 

SattLine Workstation life cycle status
SattLine Workstation is in the Active life cycle phase, the latest version being 3.1, introduced in 2020 and running on Windows 10 Enterprise

Secure the SattLine installations for the future and upgrade the earlier SattLine versions to the actively supported SattLine 3.1.

ABB has conversion tools available to evolve SattLine to System 800xA, with proven use in several large plants.

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