SattTop I/O for Satt DCS

Migration and support of ABB SattTop I/O for Satt DCS, a distributed PLC I/O system.

SattTop® is an unique system of distributed field bus units for controlling valves, pumps, motors and other digitally controlled objects.

The system's special feature is its use of a single trunk cable, `field bus', which supplies both power and communication for up to 120 units per segment. Thus, this capacity enables lowering of total installation and maintenance costs. 
The SattTop system uses open communication to host control systems. The built in advanced functions ease off-line PLC programming. 

Self-diagnostics reduce downtime
All field units designed to protection class IP67 are based on a smart microprocessor based electronic unit, SattTop EU, which can be configured for various tasks. Continuously executed self-diagnostics detect calibration, communication or other internal faults. This helps to reduce downtime and improve safety.

Parameters are stored in EE-PROM. LEDs on the front of the electronic unit, SattTop EU, helps when adjusting the feed back sensors to the correct position. During operation the LEDs indicate open and close position of the controlled object. SattTop is also an energy saver as only the communicating unit is fully energized. The energy in other units is reduced to as much as 30% of nominal. 

A smart distributed system
SattTop is made for harsh industrial enviroments. The operator panel, SattTop OP, acts as data concentrator/supervisor and operator unit as well as a link between the the host control system and the distributed field units. Up to 120 field units can be connected to each fieldbus loop. 

SattTop I/O life cycle status
The SattTop family moved into the Classic life cycle phase in 2004 and into the Limited life cycle phase in 2014.

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