Parts Test Service for distributed control systems

Check whether your parts used or stored for a longer period are still operational

Parts Test Service determines the status of parts with a fast turnaround time, to make sure they are functional and meet the original manufacturing specifications.

Units that pass the test are re-sealed with factory labels to provide the best performance when placed in your system. ABB Parts Repair Service is available for any non-functioning units. A Test Report is always included with the unit.

Services by Life Cycle state
Services availability depends on the product’s Life Cycle state.

Active Classic Limited Obsolete
Parts Test Service
On request

This service is available for the following system families:

  • System 800xA
  • Freelance
  • Advant Master
  • Advant MOD 300
  • Satt
  • Symphony DCI System Six
  • Symphony Harmony/INFI 90
  • Symphony Melody

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