ABB Ability™ System 800xA WirelessHART solution

ABB Ability™ System 800xA device management for WirelessHART enables plant owners to fully utilize all benefits of wireless field instrumentation. The result is significant cost savings in both field installations and system integration.

Save time with centralized Device Management for WirelessHART devices. WirelessHART devices are commissioned, configured and monitored with the same configuration tools as wired HART devices. All device configuration is managed from a central location using System 800xA Engineering Workplace. No extra engineering tools or training is required to get started with WirelessHART. 

Reduce maintenance cost with condition monitoring of HART device. Stranded device diagnostics can be subscribed to the system with wirelessHART adapter on existing HART devices. System 800xA Maintenance Workplace offers easy to use centralized device condition monitoring according to NAMUR NE107.

Achieve cost effective seamless AC 800M control applications. WirelessHART measurement can be included in seamless control applications in AC 800M with any other fieldbus protocols or I/O signals. AC 800M includes preconfigured read and write function blocks to read HART variables from the WirelessHART gateway.

Complete WirelessHART solutions from ABB. In addition to System 800xA WirelessHART integration ABB offers WirelessHART field instruments for temperature, pressure and vibration monitoring. ABB also provide project execution and system integration expertise.



System 800xA offers centralized device management and condition monitoring for WirelessHART devices


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