S800 on Ethernet

S800 on Ethernet is a fully redundant, ethernet based multi-channel I/O solution for ABB Ability™ System 800xA. This solution utilizes the Ethernet FCI to integrate existing process S800 I/O modules to the Industrial Ethernet I/O Network.

As with the Select I/O, S800 on Ethernet together with the innovative xStream Engineering tools helps decouple project tasks, minimize the impact of late changes and supports standardization of hardware and cabinets helping projects come on time and under budget. This brings additional functionality and flexibility to the S800 family of process I/O, including:

  • Up to 12 single or redundant S800 I/O modules per Ethernet FCI
  • SOE for Digital Inputs (1 ms)
  • HART pass through
  • Support for digital marshalling (any S800 module to any controller)
  • Single channel and multi-channel (S800) process I/O in the same system / network
  • Copper and (New) Single-mode Fiber Optic Ethernet Adapter with built-in-switch

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S800 on Ethernet complements the rest of the System 800xA I/O portfolio and fits perfect when:

  • Ethernet I/O networks are preferred
  • Flexibility to soft marshal I/O to controllers is required
  • A mixture of single channel and multi-channel I/O works best for a project

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