Select I/O

Ethernet Networked, single channel, late binding I/O solution for System 800xA

Select I/O is a Ethernet based single channel I/O solution for ABB Ability™ System 800xA that offers full redundancy down to the Signal Conditioning Module. Each signal coming from the field is conditioned individually with the Signal Conditioning Module (SCM) for both process and safety applications.

A robust field friendly design provides features such as:

  • Individual Signal Conditioning Modules (SCMs) available for process, safety (SIL3) and intrinsically safe applications
  • Field disconnect mode (connected to system, but isolated from the field)
  • Electronic current limitation and galvanically isolated (per channel)
  • Line monitoring for all I/O types
  • -40 °C to +70 °C (-40 °F-158 °F) temperature range
  • Up to 192 SCM’s per I/O cluster
  • Support for HART pass-through and secondary variable access
  • Single channel and multi-channel (S800) I/O in the same system
  • Support for digital marshalling (Visit this page for more information)

    Visit the for the latest list of available SCMs

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Select I/O is suitable for many types of projects, especially for:

  • Large capital intensive (complex) project with high risk of late changes and schedule delays
  • Projects with small counts of distributed I/O (for example well pads)
  • Integrated control and safety applications
  • Fast track projects with the need for flexibility

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