Ethernet I/O Field Kit with xStream Commissioning

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ABB Ability™ System 800xA’s Ethernet I/O Field Kit revolutionizes project execution by allowing users to configure and test I/O in the field without control software or process controller hardware.

System 800xA’s Ethernet I/O Field Kit is a powerful, flexible and intuitive application that optimizes configuration and commissioning of I/O loops without the need for control application or process controller hardware. Automated loop checks can be performed simultaneously on multiple smart devices, reducing required man-hours by more than 90%.

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The Ethernet I/O Field Kit capabilities include the following:

  • Individual and bulk parameterization of smart field instrumentation
  • Scanning and detection of Select I/O and S800 I/O modules
  • Interrogation of newly installed or preconfigured smart instruments
  • Comparison of installed I/O hardware, application and smart instrumentation parameters with an I/O signal list for early correction of errors prior to loop checks
  • Automatic creation of test applications for loop checks
  • Automated, multipoint loop commissioning by individual loop/device or entire smart junction box with live progress reporting
  • Loop alarm verification (requires that control application be available)
  • Autogenerated and exportable status reporting of loop and alarm commissioning results

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Easy to use

Outfitted with the Ethernet I/O Field Kit software on a laptop or tablet, and with no experience of System 800xA, instrument technicians can now configure and commission smart junction boxes (SJBs) that utilize S800 on Ethernet and Select I/O.


The Field Kit runs on a normal laptop or tablet and adapts to various engineering workflows. It can be used for onsite commissioning activities where the I/O is already installed in the field or split-tagging arrangements where the I/O cabinets are located in a panel shop or fabrication yard.


The Field Kit’s xStream Commissioning (xComm) application guides users through the various steps of the I/O and device configuration, commissioning and startup. In addition, the xComm application can perform automated loop checks and alarm limit verifications on multiple smart device loops simultaneously, greatly reducing required man-hours.

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Smart Commissioning with the Ethernet I/O Field Kit brings “xStream” benefits

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Traditional manual loop checks - Smart junction box with 30 devices

  1. The instrument technician connects handheld to a single device and forces values for each point of a multi-point loop check

  2. Continuous contact between instrument technician and control engineer for each value reading on DCS

  3. Control engineer documents results on each device… then repeat for the next device

Automated loop checks - System 800xA Ethernet I/O Field Kit and Select I/O

  1. Instrument technician prepares an automatic loop check campaign for multiple devices and then executes it. (Test results are automatically generated)



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