Aspect Object Technology

Integrate all business processes and resources into a single system by organizing information not into files and folders, but into aspects of objects - only a mouse click away.

A central problem in plant operations as well as asset lifecycle management is that you need a way to keep together, manage, and have access to information about all different aspects of a great number of plant and process entities. These entities, or real world objects, are of many different kinds. They can be physical process objects, like a valve or a motor, or more complex entities, like a reactor. They can be immaterial, like recipes, manufacturing orders, and customer accounts. Other examples are products, raw material, production batches, etc.

In a system that integrates automation, information, and collaborative business processes across the enterprise, each of these real world objects needs to be described from several different perspectives. Each perspective defines a piece of information, and a set of functions to create, access, and manipulate this information. We call this an aspect of the object.

Aspect Objects provide a solution that enables cooperation between many different applications, existing and new ones, from ABB, third parties and customers, to provide an integrated view. In this concept, rather than creating one single object or data model in the system to represent the real world object, each aspect is modeled separately. An Aspect Object is a container that includes these independent models. Aspects are implemented by software systems known as aspect systems, each of which stores, manages and presents its information in its own optimal way.

ABB integration architecture enables one click navigation, efficient engineering and presentation of the right information in the right context to the right user.

The architecture of ABB Ability™ System 800xA allows seamless integration of applications and supports 3rd party systems such as computer based maintenance management and video systems.

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