Satt 19" Rack for Satt DCS

Migration and support of ABB Satt 19" Rack for Satt DCS, rack based PLC and I/O system.

The Rack Based PLC and I/O System consists of a central rack and one or two 19 inch expansion racks intended for double size Euro boards. The members of the Rack based PLC System families are PBS Systems, SattCon15, SattCon 31, SattCon60 and SattCon35.

Rack based PLC and I/O systems can easily be connected to a Series 200 system, using a rack adapter board 200-RANN, mounted in the central rack. This board communicates with the Series200 CPU via the system bus.

Two expansion racks can be connected to the central rack. Each expansion rack is equipped with with a bus decoder board PBAD, which communicates with 200-RANN in the central rack through parallel bus cables. The rack based system is intended for industrial use and meets the EMC directive. 

The Rack Based I/O System has the following main features:

  • High density I/O system
  • Replacement with power on
  • Large number of I/O boards and accessories
  • Connectivity with Series 200 PLC and Controllers
  • Digital and analogue I/O boards are galvanically isolated
  • Easy connection of shielded cables
  • Simple upgrading of older Satt I/O systems

Satt 19" Rack life cycle status​​
The Satt 19" Rack hardware is in the Limited and Obsolete life cycle phases.
ABB strongly recommends customers to migrate Satt 19" Rack CPU hardware to AC 800M and System 800xA while retaining the I/O boards. ABB has both software and hardware migrations tools available.


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