UPS Conceptpower DPA 500

Now globally available, the Conceptpower DPA 500 is the only fully modular UPS system scalable up to 3 MW


ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 is a high-power, modular and transformerless UPS system. It is ideal for data centers and other mission critical facilities that need zero downtime as their standard. The Conceptpower DPA 500 is built using true online double conversion technology. With its market-leading 96% operating efficiency, total cost of ownership is low. At the core are 100 kW slide-in modules, five of which can be installed in a single frame. Six frames in parallel configuration assure a maximum rating of 3 MW.

The Conceptpower DPA 500 is the only modular UPS on the market that scales up effortlessly from 100 kW to 3 MW of clean, reliable power.

  • Fully modular architecture guarantees scalability and accommodates future upgrades
  • Market-leading 96% efficiency minimizes electricity costs
  • Redundant, online double conversion modules make the system fault-tolerant and reliable
  • Online safe-swap modules increase availability and ensure short MTTR
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