Digital solutions for intelligent data centers

Providing actionable insights to optimize operations

The amount of data consumed and transmitted worldwide is expected to grow from around 59 zettabytes (ZB) in 2020 to around 149 ZB in 2024. At the core of this complex digital transformation are data centers that support and empower advancements in data processing and storage.​

In order to keep up with this growth, data centers have led the implementation of digital technologies to strengthen their electrical infrastructure and guarantee maximum uptime. These digital solutions, which can range from energy monitoring and management to asset intelligence, provide the intelligence and visibility required to anticipate and avoid costly downtime. Aside from providing valuable insights that can help improve operations, digital solutions can also significantly simplify hardware and wiring, making them easy to install and maintain, lowering operational costs. ​

ABB offers a diverse portfolio of digital solutions that provide deep component-level visibility of each asset all the way to the performance and efficiency of the overall electrical network, encouraging a more pro-active maintenance strategy that can save time and resources. These smart devices also provide actionable energy efficiency insights and troubleshooting data to allow operators to optimize processes and resources.​

Make ABB your trusted partner in digitalizing data center operations to meet the growing demand of the industry. 



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Digitalization and intelligence in data centers are very important topics for us. ABB’s robust electrical portfolio and digital solutions provide the monitoring, control, and automation capabilities that allow for insight into your data center operations. This enhanced visibility increases uptime by limiting the number of outages and planned maintenance. Followingly you can find articles, blog posts, videos and case studies to support the topic. With any specific questions please feel free to contact our specialists who would be happy to support your journey.

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