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When it comes to safety, there are three main elements that must be protected: employees, operations and the environment. And as data centers become larger and more complex, there is an even greater need to take definitive measures to pro-actively and effectively balance employee health and safety with the uninterrupted availability of mission-critical equipment and systems. 

ABB has a complete electrical and digital portfolio that can improve operational reliability while upholding employee health and safety. From equipment such as arc resistant switchgear and arc suppression devices to intelligent devices and software that monitor asset health to facilitate predictive maintenance, ABB helps ensure consistent and efficient operations reducing the risk for injuries and accidents. ​

ABB also offers remote service solutions that leverages on augmented reality to provide fast and professional virtual support. Electrical issues are immediately identified and addressed, ensuring uptime of the facility while protecting employees from prolonged exposure to electrical equipment. ​

Make ABB your trusted partner in achieving operational reliability safely. 



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Safety is very important topics for us. Followingly you can find articles, blog posts, videos and case studies to support the topic. With any specific questions please feel free to contact our specialists who would be happy to support your journey towards safe operations.

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